Address: Atonsu S-Line (High School Junction) @ Anima’s Hospital, Kumasi Ghana.
codewrite technology ltd school management system

Codewrite School Management System Promotion

codewrite technology ltd school management system

The best and affordable school management system in Ghana. Call now for more details.

The Ultimate School Management System from crech to JHS 3 Schools in Ghana

Our state-of-the-art education software is specifically designed for the unique needs of schools in Ghana. Managing a school canteen and other fee collection  has never been easier. With Symanus Codewrite School management System you can now focus on what truly matters while relieving yourself of the workload of day-to-day administrative tasks.

Save time and effort, preserve records, track school fees, prevent financial leakages, ease the compilation of school results, and reduce costs when you use SYMANUS school management software.

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