Address: Atonsu S-Line (High School Junction) @ Anima’s Hospital, Kumasi Ghana.
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Lenkeme App Released – Hire the best Service Provider for any job, online -Lenkeme App

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The Lenkeme App Provides A Wide Range Of Services, Including Plumbers, Electricians, Phone Repairers, CCTV Installation, Networking Technicians, Digital Marketers, Website Designers, Web App Developers, Mobile App Developers, Video Editors, Social Media Managers, Delivery Agents, Fridge Repairers, Computer Repairers, Event Security Coordinators, Lighting, Wedding Venues, Wedding Planning, Event Rentals, Swimming Trainers, Step Aerobics Instructors, Basketball Trainers, Pop Ceiling Installers, Architectural Draftsmen, Wiring Experts, Wallpaper Installers, Solar Panel Installers, Soil Investigators, Door Installers, Satellite Installers, Sound Engineers, Car Hires, Car Washes, Taxi Services, Carpenters, Painters, Gardeners/Landscapers, Handymen, Tailors/Seamstresses, Makeup Artists, Locksmiths, Appliance Repair Technicians, Mechanics/Fitters, Roofers, AC/Air Conditioning Technicians, Glass And Window Installers/Repairers, Pest Control Technicians, Flooring/Tile Specialists, Masons, Plasterers, Metalworkers/Blacksmiths, Furniture Upholsterers, Stained Glass Artists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Life Coaches, Tutors/Teachers, Language Teachers, Personal Organizers, Dog Trainers, Pet Groomers, Bakers, Lawyers/Barristers, Personal Chefs/Cooks, Artisanal Soap Makers, Candle Makers, Jewelry Designers, Pottery Artists, Land Surveyors, Cleaners/Laundry Attendants, Nurses/Home Care Professionals, Nannies, Vehicle Towing Services, MoMo Agents/Merchants, Welders, And More. The Platform Offers Providers The Chance To Expand Their Customer Base, Increase Their Income, And Connect With Clients.


Lenkeme App

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